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A range of T-shirt printing solutions

We are able to offer you a range of t-shirt printing solutions to match all styles, finishes and budgets.

So whether you are looking for screen printing, vinyl, dye sublimation or laser transfer we are able to offer you a high quality tshirt finish at a competitive price. We have outlined some of the options below but do give us a call to discuss what would be best for you on 01908 969 894.

Laser transfer light (suitable for white garments)

This involves mirror printing an image with a laser printer onto a special type of paper. This is placed face down onto the t-shirt (or other garment) and pressed using a heat press. The paper is peeled away leaving the toner behind.

This is not the longest lasting method but if you follow the correct care instructions it can last 50 or more washes. There is no setup fee or minimum order for this method.

Laser transfer dark (suitable for all colours)

This involves printing the image the correct way up onto a special sheet with a paper backing. The design is then trimmed either by hand or using our plotter cutter so that the excess background areas are removed. It is then peeled from the backing paper and placed in position on the tshirt (or other garment such as hoodie) before heat pressing.

This can also last 50+ washes if following the care instructions. There is no setup fee or minimum order.


T-shirt printingThis is our favourite method. It involves coloured sheets of vinyl cut out as a mirrored image using a plotter cutter. The excess sheet is then picked away leaving the image or text on a clear backing. This is then positioned on the clothing (t-shirt, hoodie etc) and pressed. The clear backing is removed leaving a lovely long lasting print.

This is quite similar to screen printing to look at but has no setup fee and no minimum order. This is long lasting and can even be ironed onto!!

Screen printing

This involves ink being squeezed through a mesh stencil directly onto the fabric. Onto dark garments it is necessary to print a base coat first sometimes known as a flash screen.

There is a one off charge for the setup of each screen and because of this expense this method is best suited to bulk orders 50+ (sometimes 25 is possible but we will quote for your best option). This will last ages too but needs a bit more care than vinyl.

Dye sublimation

Dye sublimation printing processThis method uses a special ‘dye sublimation’ ink. When the printed ink is heated it changes from being a solid dye to being a gas, without passing through a liquid stage. Then when it is heated whilst in contact with polymer/polyester it penetrates or bonds with the fibres permanently dyeing them into the garment. This method can also be used to print mugs, and hundreds of other things that have been specially prepared with a polymer coating.

The t-shirts we use have a lovely feel to them and people often prefer them to our standard poly cotton ones. Again there are no setup fees or minimum order requirements. This method won't fade and should outlast the garment!


EmbroideryThis involves making a digital file suitable for an embroidery machine and then stitching the design into the garment. This is often favoured by companies for uniforms as it can have a more professional look.

However we don't recommend large areas of embroidery for example on the back as it can often make the garment uncomfortable to wear.

Embroidery has a setup fee and normally has a minimum order of 6 (this can be a mixture of garments, for example 2 polo shirts, 2 fleeces and 2 sweatshirts). We often embroider the left breast and vinyl print the back.

We cannot print onto fleeces though, embroidery is the only method we recommend for fleeces.


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Contact us today

Please give us a call or contact us by e-mail and we will help you decide which is the best option for you and give you a competitive price for a high quality garment.