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Personalised clothing, hi-viz safety wear and school bags for children

We can supply and personalise a wide range of high quality kids clothing and children's hi-viz safety wear which is perfect for kids groups including Brownies, Cubs, Guides, Scouts and after school clubs.

Make sure they are seen - hi viz vests & jackets

As we all know safety is the biggest concern for any club or kids group, and so whether you re planning walks, cross country runs, cycling, horse-riding or any other outdoor activity, a hi-viz jacket ensures that they can be seen by any traffic and found by you in the low light!

We can supply and personalise hi-viz vests and jackets in children's sizes with your club name or anything you require.

Personalised t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps for kids clubs

Arts1 School of PerformanceWe can supply and personalised kids t-shirts, hoodies and baseball hats ideal for after-school clubs, youth clubs and local activity clubs. Whatever type of club you run, our t-shirts, hoodies and caps can be personalised with logos, names, numbers and even photos.

We can print t-shirts which are great for birthday parties especially when you are taking them out for the day. Take some of the stress out of your day by making sure you can keep an eye on them easily - why not give them all a number like a football shirt - they'll love it and you can check them in!

We have everything from budget t-shirts, great for messy play, to quality polo shirts that always look smart!

Personalised school bags and gym bags

Personalised school bagsOne of our most popular personalisation items is our range of kids school bags. Our high quality school bags are often hard-wearing than those supplied by many local schools. We can personalise the school bag with your child's name so it wont get mixed up with so many other bags in the playground!

We can also supply gym bags, perfect for taking sports clothes to and from school.

Leaving school this year?

If you are in your final year of your school, college or university then why not organise a personalised hoodie? We can personalise your hoodie with the name of your class/school/college/university, add friends and class names, and even add some photos to remember them all by.

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